Error in log when calling squeezebox.call_method

When I call the service: squeezebox.call_method, the following error appears in the log:

2020-03-20 00:06:30 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.squeezebox.media_player] Failed communicating with LMS: <class 'aiohttp.client_exceptions.ServerDisconnectedError'>

The squeezebox itself is up and running on the default port.
All my players get discovered, and I can play - stop - turn off - … the players via the applicable services.

Only when I call the service squeezebox.call_method this error appears
Any idea’s what’s causing this? I’m running HA 0.107 and my LMS is the latest version.

Finally I figured it out myself.
Seems that there is an error in the example documentation.
The docu provides the parameter-set as follows:

entity_id: media_player.squeezebox_radio
command: playlist
parameters: 'loadtracks,album.titlesearch='

When I change this to

entity_id: media_player.squeezebox_radio
command: playlist
  - loadtracks
  - album.titlesearch=

It works just fine!

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I use playlist names with spaces in them, so my “shorthand” solution to this is like:

# Resume "Good Morning!" playlist
- service: squeezebox.call_method
    command: 'playlist'
    parameters: ['resume','Good Morning!']