Error loading page webhook issue with gpslogger

I am trying to configure gpslogger and keep getting the following error "
‘component.gpslogger.config.abort.not_internet_accessible’: ‘Your Home Assistant instance needs to be accessible from the internet to receive messages from GPSLogger.’, ‘component.gpslogger.config.abort.one_instance_allowed’: ‘Only a single instance is necessary.’, ‘component.gpslogger.config.create_entry.default’: ‘To send events to Home Assistant, you will need to setup the webhook feature in GPSLogger.\n\nFill in the following info:\n\n- URL: {webhook_url}\n- Method: POST\n\nSee the documentation for further details.’, ‘component.gpslogger.config.step.user.description’: ‘Are you sure you want to set up the GPSLogger Webhook?’, ‘component.gpslogger.config.step.user.title’: ‘Set up the GPSLogger Webhook’, ‘component.gpslogger.config.title’: ‘GPSLogger Webhook’,"
I have not problem accessing my HA from either home on my network or away using the same duckdns server that I copied over after I did the gpslogger integration.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Can anyone give me advice on how to troubleshoot this?