Error Maessage

Can anyone help me with this error message
Logger: homeassistant.config
First occurred: 00:17:27 (54 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:22:30

Invalid config for [automation]: Invalid trigger configuration. Got OrderedDict([('default_config', {}), ('frontend', OrderedDict([('themes', OrderedDict())])), ('tts', [OrderedDict([('platform', 'google_translate')])]), ('automation', [OrderedDict([('id', '1668630315292'), ('alias', 'Lights HW'), ('description', ''), ('trigger', [OrderedDict([('type', 'motion'), ('platform', 'device'), ('device_id', '312781ee75fefde2603848eb5691f8e2'), ('entity_id', 'binary_sensor.multi_s2_hw1_iaszone'), ('domain', 'binary_sensor')]), OrderedDict([('type', 'no_motion'), ('pl.... (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 12).

any help much appreciated. Mark

Your config file needs to be fixed.

Maybe in the automation section or maybe line 12. Maybe neither.

What did you recently change/do?

Would be handy to have your (sanitized) configuration.yaml file for analysis. As @tmjpugh mentioned, there’s likely some syntax error that pops up at line 12.

Thanks Guys, fixed it, was having problems with 1of2 of Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master, which I wrote an automation for, but when I uninstalled 1 of the Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master and reinstalled, I forgot to delete automation, all works fine with no errors, not sure why Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master didn’t install properly. Thanks again Mark