Error message "metadata" in created scenes

Hi everyone,

I have a question about Scenes. I’ve created several scenes and when I open the scenes.yaml file VS Code reports an error
metadata: Property metadata is not allowed

If it is not allowed how did it get there in the first place?

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Having the same issue. Never had that before.
I manually deleted the code from the scenes.yaml and edited the scene afterwards using the UI.

The property was added again. I guess some bug

Same here. It’s in a scene I created from the GUI. But the scene itself works, so I’m not going to change the code for now.

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Recently noticed this too. I manually removed the metadata and the scene continues to work. It even repopulated after an edit in the GUI. No idea.

Has anyone filed a proper defect for this ?

Same here.
I assume this is just an update to be done in the “Home Assistant” language file on VSC.

Same as “alias” in an automation which pops up errors too.

This must be caused by the updates made at core level in HA not being integrated in the VSC. (naming triggers in automation is pretty recent)

A Fix for this has been merged already on June 12th 2022. But a new version of the vs-Code-Extension has not been released since then (Release v1.30.1 · keesschollaart81/vscode-home-assistant · GitHub… on June 2nd)

@frenck: I know you guys where busy with the core over the last months. (Thank you very much) But how about merging all recent pull requests and releasing a new version of the vs-code-extension? There are lots of files marked “red” in my config dir