Error - Native USB Boot without SD card for the Raspberry Pi4 (SSD Boot)

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Hi guys, I am trying to boot home assistant in Raspberry PI 4 from a SSD. I installed raspbian in the SD, I followed the steps in these posts - post 2 and got the same result after executing the vcgencmd bootloader_vertion and bootloader_config. The diference is that I am not using the same rabian in the SSD, I installed the Home Assitant img in it but when I remove the ssd and power up the rasberrypi only with the ssd, it doesn’t boot and gets an error.

Part of the error:

bootloader: 23a9f59b May 15 2020
boot: mode USB-MSD (4) order 00000f41 retry 0/1
SD: card not detected
fw: start4.elf fixup4.dat
recovery.elf not found (6)
start4.elf is not compatible
ERROR: 00000044


Try downloading all *.dat and *.elf files from here:

and placing them on the boot partition of the USB drive. Overwrite files when asked.

It still won’t boot hass, unfortunately. But you’ll get one step further.

Try my guide to create a better 64bit ubuntu 20.04 for you HASS. here