Error 'No datapoints map defined' when MQTT:Publish to a Group

I’ve two TS0601 Valves inserted into a Group in Zigbee2MQTT.
If I publish a Payload to one of then like {“system_mode”:“off”}, it works and Valves change to Offline
But if I publish the same Payload to the Group it doesn’t works and I see in the Log:

  • error 2022-12-03 12:39:20Publish 'set' 'system_mode' to 'Crissier/Rez/Chambre/Group/Valves' failed: 'Error: No datapoints map defined'

  • info 2022-12-03 12:39:20MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log', payload '{"message":"Publish 'set' 'system_mode' to 'Crissier/Rez/Chambre/Group/Valves' failed: 'Error: No datapoints map defined'","meta":{"friendly_name":"Crissier/Rez/Chambre/Group/Valves"},"type":"zigbee_publish_error"}'

I cant figure what is wrong, any Help will be appreciated
Best regards