Error Notify.Slack: Unable to find service / failing to load

Every 2-3 restarts of Home Assitant notify.slack fails to load and I get errors caused by automations:

Unable to find service notify.slack

I’ve tried to add more detailed debug logging but I’m not getting anything in my log or any errors that point to what’s causing the problem. Have I set the logging level correctly?

    default: warning
      asyncio: info
      homeassistant.components.notify.slack: debug
      homeassistant.components.notify: debug 

Every now and again, I’ll restart HA and Slack will load correctly. I use Slack in a lot of automation as a way of sending non-critical notifications. So keen to get this fixed as it’s heavily integrated into my HA setup.

Home Assistant 2022.8.5
Supervisor 2022.08.3
Operating System 8.4