Error: Platform error sensor.yr - Integration 'yr' not found

Hi Guys,

ever since updating to 0.115 I get this error when checking my config
Platform error sensor.yr - Integration 'yr' not found.

my configuration.yaml has sensors pointing to sensors.yaml

Here’s a 1:1 copy of my sensor.yaml

- platform: yr
- platform: pushbullet
  api_key: !secret pushbullet_api
    - body
- platform: template
      value_template: "{{ states('input_select.dan') }}"
      friendly_name: 'Dan'
      value_template: "{{ states('input_select.mimi') }}"
      friendly_name: 'Mireille'
      value_template: "{{ states('input_select.max') }}"
      friendly_name: 'Max'
      value_template: "{% if states('sensor.bed_max_value')| float > 20 %}Upptagen{% else %}tom{% endif %}"
      icon_template: "{% if states('sensor.bed_max_value')| float > 20 %}mdi:bed{% else %}mdi:bed-empty{% endif %}"
- platform: mqtt
  state_topic: 'sensor/bed/max'
  name: 'bed_max_value'

Why is it doing this? How can I fix it? I"ve been googling… but I only find very old posts and they’re not much help.


The Yr platform was removed in 0.115 by request from See breaking changes in the changelog or search this forum for more information.


I see.

ok, so I commented out my “- platform: yr” and we’re back in business.

If you had done what @Olen said and read the breaking changes then you would have known what to change “yr” to make it work again.
I can’t remember but it does say so in the blog post.

replace - platform: yr with - platform: weather_data

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Honestly, this is so f’n confusing.
I’m getting the same error but for ‘weather_data’ now.

This is what the read me says:

At a quick glance, I just replaced the yr with weather_data like you 2 guys made it out to be a simple swap. but this gives me an error:

So back to github readme and it says to use HACS to install the integration. ok, my bad.

I search for weather_data… and you know… a different name shows up… but sure, let’s install it.

So it’s installed now.
Reboot the host.
annnnnd the error is still there.

So it’s been over an hour now. and you know what? When I commented out yr, my weather card was STILL WORKING. Nothing was broken.

This card is pointing to weather.home

Long story short, I check in my integrations, and Meteorologisk institut is weahter.home

so… it was already configured.

all I had to do was delete the sensor.yr or, comment it out.

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Then you are using the - integration and that will not be removed

If you want to use HACS, you need to install it with the custom url. You installed different integration.

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Do you plan to get it into the “official” hacs, or keep it as custom?

Hopefully, make it official, just need to find time for it.
(Any contributions are welcome)

Just wondered if the email from was also stopping you form wanting to push it to hacs.

If there is anythng in particular you need help with, I can see what I can do. There were no open issues right now, and the sensor seems to be working fine here.

The message from is:

You are not allowed to make services/sites that appear to be made by Yr, NRK or The Norwegian Meteorological Institute. In other words, you may not use the word “yr” as a part of your service name, or attach the yr logo to your service.

So we just need to find another logo:

@DanielhiversenI appreciate your reply.

Your reply here and your readme file doesn’t actually include the URL to your repo. A link to “how to add a custom repo” isn’t that useful.

Clearly, I’m at fault here, and it just “clicked” that your repo is where the readme file is, but on behalf of all newbs, that part wasn’t clear at first, I don’t often add repos. I just follow instructions.

It is explained here:

  1. Add the URL to the repository. ->
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I got this message

This repository is on the blacklist.

is this because they REALLY don’t like you to use the word “yr” as some sort of copyright infringement? or I did something wrong

What blacklist?
Not this one

Is it possible to use the integration and how would I do that?
I can see in developer tools that it gives me all the relevant information. I could of course set up sensors for temperature, humidity ans so forth. But it would be so much easier if I could just change “- platform: yr” and keep my monitered conditions.

You would then need to make template sensors