ERROR snitun.multiplexer.core

Hi there,

I receive every day around 6 AM this error message:
2021-05-21 05:40:15 ERROR (MainThread) [snitun.multiplexer.core] Ping fails, no response from peer

Debug active and “Pong” was always successful.

I’m running UniFi Hardware (USG, Router, APs) and have no clue, how to fix this issue.

Does anybody know, how to fix it?

hey @JoJa1101,
I have the same error, could you solve it?

No, im getting this error once a day. I think its because of network settings (fritzbox and Unifi).

I think it’s related to the latest HA update; I never used to see this error but it started appearing after updating. It doesn’t cause any noticeable problems so I’m considering it benign at this time.