Error "Unable to find referenced entities" for variables created/set by appdaemon app


i am using a self written app with appdaemon to control my covers. Till now i had defined all required variables for configuration of the app by defining them in the static yaml configuration in home-assistant. I wanted to handle all variable creation with my appdaemon app especially for newly added covers. Thus i removed all old entries from the static yaml config from home-assistant. The variables where still shown in home-assistant but with state “unavailable”. After restoring the last state from history with my appdaemon app they are now shown correctly in home-assistant. However i now have the issue that i cannot change any of these variables via the home-assistant ui. I always get the following error in home-assitant “[homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities X”. Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

“[homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities X”

This usually means Appdaemon is trying to call/sendcommand/reference something that does not exist in Home Assistant.

Make sure that what appdaemon is trying to call matches what is in Home Assistant. If it looks like it does check the other usual bugs like spelling, extra spaces, incorrect data type, did you accidentally copy a “fancy quote”.