Error: Updating device list from cisco_ios took longer than the scheduled scan interval

For some reason the cisco_ios device tracker component seems to be broken at my HA install.
Using tcpdump I see it connecting to my router, it exchanges some data back and forth and then the router disconnects the tcp connection. I have checked the credentials and also did a manual ssh from the HA box.
It all looks just fine.
It is very strange because this component has been working great for months.
Any ideas?

same here on 0.92.2

Do you have the exact same behavior : if you restart HA it will work one time (that is, I get the correct people available in my house in the HA frontend) but after a few minutes all people go to unavailable and it never recovers without a HA restart?

Yes the exact same behavior

Bump. Anyone experienced this as well ? The bug is still there in the current HA.
Months ago I’ve disabled the component, hoping for it to work later on. But tonight I tried and it is still giving me this message.