Error updating from 7.2 to 7.4 Where is this Supervisor? Lol


System Health

version: core-2022.2.5

installation_type: Home Assistant OS

dev: false

hassio: true

docker: true

user: root

virtualenv: false

python_version: 3.9.7

os_name: Linux

os_version: 5.10.91

arch: x86_64

timezone: America/New_York

GitHub API: ok

Github API Calls Remaining: 4860

Installed Version: 1.22.0

Stage: running

Available Repositories: 1038

Downloaded Repositories: 15

logged_in: false

can_reach_cert_server: ok

can_reach_cloud_auth: ok

can_reach_cloud: ok

host_os: Home Assistant OS 7.2

update_channel: stable

supervisor_version: supervisor-2022.01.1

docker_version: 20.10.9

disk_total: 31.3 GB

disk_used: 8.3 GB

healthy: true

supported: true

board: ova

supervisor_api: ok

version_api: ok

installed_addons: Terminal & SSH (9.3.0), MariaDB (2.4.0), Studio Code Server (4.1.0), Node-RED (10.4.0), AppDaemon 4 (0.8.1), Z-Wave JS (0.1.53), Mosquitto broker (6.0.1), Samba share (9.5.1)

dashboards: 2

resources: 4

views: 3

Any asssitance is welcomed

Hello, the supervisor log is located in the configuration menu, you should have an option called something like “add-on, backups and supervisor” (I have HA in French so I am guessing)… There you can find the supervisor log (under system)… and hopefully a meaning error message.

Thank you. I had seen that but when you click on it, there is no supervisor option. I went a the system tab and found it. Now it says the file is busy. I can open it in terminal. It shows up blank but it is there.

After rebooting the server rather than the vm, I was able to update the OS.