Error warning log alerting / notifications

If something goes wrong, it’s usually through a relative complaining about something. I’d like to be able to be notified (through one of the various notify methods) of errors or warnings that occur for a specific whitelist.

Maybe this should be an event that can be automated from as a filterable trigger or something?

Unless this already exists?

Hey, good news, if the system_log integration is running (which is required by the frontend, so it is almost certainly running in your system), then error and warning messages are available as an event. You can use the event automation trigger, with the system_log_event event, and conditions to trigger notifications. Remember that those listed fields are available in templates as

The one limitation is that this can only catch warnings/errors that occur after the integration has started, so it might miss some warnings/errors that occur really early in the boot process. However, because the front end relies on this, it is one of the integrations that gets priority loading during startup.

Hope this helps.