Error when calling scripts with iOS Shortcuts

Hi, I use NFC tag in tandem with iOS Shortcuts app and HA Mobile Companion App to call scenes. I do it with calling “scene.apply” service and “entity_id: scene.xxxx” payload.

I want to run script this way (calling script.turn_on service or directly script.scriptidXXX) but Shortcuts always responds with “Could not run call service, failed to call service with error: Unable to parse stored payload”.

How do I call a script with Shortcuts and HA Companion app? Running iOS 13.3.1 and HA 105.5

EDIT: I can’t even add new Scenes to run this way. The already added ones do run okay, but any new one results in the above error.

I had to put the payload data in the shortcuts app in {} and each pair in speech marks.

{"entity_id": "light.0x588e81fffe655b0b_light", "brightness":"Brightness", "color_temp":"Colour"}