Error while adding association

Hello all

I would like to start by thanking you all, what happens here on this forum and how people are helped is really great!

I have a problem, I just cannot get z-wave JS to make an association between my heat-it temp 2 and a double switch from fibaro which controls the pump for my floor heating.

I’ve already tried re-interviewing the modules and restarting HA, but I keep getting the error message that associating doesn’t work. By the way, making other associations works fine.

Would love to hear if anyone knows what I am doing wrong or how to fix this.

Are both devices at the same security level? (None, S2 or S0?)

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The heat-it is S2 and the fibaro dubble switch is none.

They MUST be at the same security level to form a direct association.

You’ll either have to rejoin the switch or downgrade the thermo to none. Of the thermondoesnt work correctly at None and! The switch can’t do S2, you’ll beed different gear.

Thank you! Now it is possible to make an association!

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