Error while installing on laptop

I am getting the following error whie running the alternative install described here:

the error is:

root@hassio1:~# curl -sL | bash -s
[Info] Install supervisor Docker container
Error response from daemon: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Laptop is and AMD A10 with 8G ram and running Ubuntu 18.04

Try a little later.
0.91.4 has just been released so perhaps they are refreshing the repos.

been trying and searching for answers since last night with same result

It looks like a timeout while trying to download the script from
You should also be able to get there with a browser and possibly redirect to a file. The curl command gets that script & the end part silently runs the script using the bash shell.

My searching has found that it is actually an error with docker not having access to the internet but after trying multiple ways of fixing this, I am not having any luck. I am not running any kind of proxy and have resolv.conf setup with google’s nameservers

What is your home subnet? Perhaps it conflicts with the one Docker uses.

I did a quick search. Does this help?

BINGO!!! I had edited /etc/resolv.conf directly, not what it was linked to. Changing the symlink fixed the problem!

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