ERROR while loading profile and map i HA

When I try to open my profile (http://homeassistant:8123/profile) in HA I get following problem:

Same is with map.

However, on my HA mobile app, everything seems normal.
I can access profile and map.

Anyone could help?
I try to check logs but didn’t find anything abnormal.
I try to restart HA but didn’t help.

I am running on RasbarryPi:

|Version |2020.12.0|
|Installation Type |Home Assistant OS|
|Operating System Version |5.4.79-v7l|
|CPU Architecture |armv7l|
Host Operating System 	Home Assistant OS 5.8
Update Channel 	stable
Supervisor Version 	2020.12.6
Board 	rpi4

Ok, never mind, I think I found the reason.
Yesterday I enabled following in configuration.yaml, seems this caused my issue:

  customize: !include customize.yaml

after removing lines don’t see problem.
Sorry if I waste someones time :frowning: