Error while trying to generate custom addon following official guide


I am following the custom addon guide to generate a simple addon (, but I get always the same error when pressing install button:

ERROR (SyncWorker_2) [supervisor.docker.addon] Invalid build environment, can’t build this add-on!

Is it possible that the guide has been outdated and something is missing?

Thank you so much!!!

Would be easier to tell if the issue is in the doc or between the chair and the display if you’d:

  • show your addon code
  • specify your hardware
  • specify your HA installation method



The HA installation is a hassio Virtual Machine running in VMWare, updated to the latest available stable versions.

The addon code is just the one in the official manual, specifically the one in “Step 1”. It is just a shell with an echo.

Is there any more info that I can share to have any clue?


I see another thread with the same problem, but no answers…

Any clue?

I followed steps 1/2/3 on my supervised install on rpi3 and they work.

The only hiccup I had:

  • The doc says to create the directory directly under /addons, but I had to create it under /addons/local. If you even see your addon, that’s not an issue for you (likely, /addons point to the right place on HassOS)
  • Copy-paste in VI produced wrong result. I’ll just assume the file you created look exactly like the examples.

Maybe / Probably something specific to HassOS (that I cannot test).

My bad…

the file “Dockerfile” in my case was “dockerfile”.

Thank you so much.