Error with climate thermostat state - Secure SRT321 ZWave


I configured my Secure SRT321 Thermostat on Hassio, but it seems there’s a problem displaying the right state value.
Actually, the state may be “Heat” or “Idle”, if the thermostat is currently heating (contact closed) or idle (contact open).
But instead, the value is always “Heat”, even when the thermostat is not heating…
It makes the climate component on the WebUI showing a wrong state :


(for example, the component shows “Heat”, but the thermostat is Idle and not heating)

What I found is that the right state value to use should be the “operating_state” attribute, instead of the “operation_mode”.

So, my question is : how can I make the climate webUI show the right thermostat state ?

I already created a template sensor showing the climate operating_state attribute, but I’d really like the state to be show in the “climate” group…

Thanks for your help,

You’ll most likely have to create a custom UI tile. I don’t believe the native climate component tiles can be adjusted.

Thanks petro, I’ll try this way !