Error with websockets


Hi there!

I am running a instance of HA in a python virtual env, in a ubuntu server 17.

My HA version is 0.65.5

I have configured DuckDNS, lets encrypt, and dnsmasq for emulating NAT loopback, as my router doesn’t support it.

When I access from my internal network, with https://[INTERNAL_IP]:8123 everything works well
When I access from outside with https://[NAME] everything works well to

The problem is accessing from my internal network, with the duckdns url. It enters to the connecting page in chrome, but this call wss:///[NAME] doesn’t resolve. I have access to the server, because the https requests are working fine, but the websocket don’t, and I can’t find the cause.

I don’t have seen some topics about this, but it’s always related to proxys, and I am not using it.

I wonder if someone can guide me to the solution. Or at least, what kind of server is using HA by default, so I can dig into the configuration, and check if I can make a fix like in the nginx posts



Im having this problem also.
Did you find a solution?