Errors for climate devices in 2021.5.1

Ciao cgtobi,
with the latest version of HA (2021.5.1) i see my logs full of this errors:

Logger: pyatmo.thermostat
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyatmo/
First occurred: 1:02:10 PM (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 1:08:08 PM

Errors in response: {‘status’: ‘ok’, ‘time_server’: 1620644530}
Errors in response: {‘status’: ‘ok’, ‘time_server’: 1620644889}

Is there something i can do to solve this?

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First, please stop hijacking old threads with unrelated topics.

Second, please give me more information on what isn’t working beyond errors in the logs. Also please raise the log level for Netatmo to debug and post relevant parts of the logs.

At the moment, despite the errors in the log, no malfunctions are recorded in the weather station, the values ​​are recorded as usual. I have no climate-type entities connected to netatmo.
As soon as possible I will provide you with the logs you asked for.
Thank You.


If you don’t have any climate devices you can safely ignore the error for now. This should disappear in one of the next releases.


I do have netatmo climate devices and are getting the same errors:

Logger: pyatmo.thermostat
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyatmo/
First occurred: 9:55:35 (34 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:43:34

Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621938215}
Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621938515}
Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621938815}
Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621939115}
Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621939415}

also getting (but i don’t know if it’s related:

2021-05-25 12:28:34 ERROR (SyncWorker_18) [pyatmo.thermostat] Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621938515}
2021-05-25 12:30:36 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.homekit.type_thermostats] Cannot map hvac target mode: auto to homekit as only {0: 'off', 1: 'heat'} modes are supported
2021-05-25 12:33:34 ERROR (SyncWorker_4) [pyatmo.thermostat] Errors in response: {'status': 'ok', 'time_server': 1621938815}

Am on 2021.5.5: