Escape characters?

Hi there,
How to escape a number in an entity name when using templates? I know in Jinja2 it should be like ’ ’ but I can get this to work properly.

{{ states.switch.3d_printer.attributes.voltage }}
TemplateSyntaxError: expected token ‘end of print statement’, got ‘d_printer’

When using the ‘’ like so,

‘{{ states.switch.3d_printer.attributes.voltage }}’
{{ ‘states.switch.3d_printer.attributes.voltage’ }}
{{ states.switch.'3’d_printer.attributes.voltage }}
{{ states.switch.\3d_printer.attributes.voltage }}

it’s not recognized anymore as an object but a real string. It must be something easy that I forgot, anybody?


Put it in square brackets:

{{ states['switch.3d_printer'].attributes.voltage }}

all these languages…thank you that did the trick…cheerz