ESP-32 H2/C6 Zigbee

hi, i’m quite new to the game :wave:

i want to create my own sensors and integrate it in my homeassistant. But the position where they’re going to be located isn’t covered by my wifi (so esphome isn’t a option). instead the position is covered by the network of my brother in law ( who also has hoa running with a SM light SLZB-06 coordinator) so i could get the zigbee devices over that via the VPN function. so i read the ESP32 H2/C6 have the zigbee possibility. But everything i find about the zigbee end device example ist only to a zigbee h2 or c6 as a coordinator.

Is there no possibility to configure the esp as an end device and then connect to a SLZB-06 or sonoff stick?

thank you all in advanced and sorry for the long story :face_with_head_bandage:

  1. Switch your SLZB-06 to Matter-over-Thread mode
  2. Create your Matter-over-Thread end-device on ESP32-S3 with no code knowledges based on newly released ESP IDF
  3. Use it on your remote lication.

Here is Espressif zerocode Matter Over Thread tool

It might not be that simple b cause Matter has a strict device structure, so the sensor needs to be able to fit into that to be Matter compatible.

The original idea with a C6/H2 as zigbee end device is valid though. It is actually what the C6 was designed for. The other features just came after the release.
H2 started also as a Zigbee device, but already in the design process it was changed to a Matter device. A C6 can be set up to run as a Matter device too and a H2 can also be set up as a Zigbee device.

ESPHome does not support these models though, so you will have to find the code to do it else where.

Not a direct reply to your question but on the matter of adding a new device, please see my post at Seeed Xiao ESP32S3 Sense board name not recognised - #10 by AussieSusan where I mention the files that need to be copied/edited/etc.
No guarantee but it certainly got my ESP32-S3 working.