ESP 32s for Bluetooth/BLE Proxy

I have this ESP 32 board. I’m running HAAS OS directly on an Intel NUC. I’ve tried several tutorials to get the BT proxy setup, but nothings seems to work. What am i missing? I’ve seen that BT doesn’t work running directly on NUC, but that shouldn’t affect BT proxy, correct? For what it’s worth, trying to get it up and running to connect an Oral B toothbrush that my daughter uses upstairs.

Independent of home assistant part, focus on verbose logging on ESP and see the log messages after you successfully deploy your latest code to esp node.

You will see ble advertisements and other stuff if there are nearby Bluetooth devices.

Afterwards, all these messages could be transmitted to home assistant but let’s first find out esp is up and running

Ok, so i go to the ESP Home proxy setup page, install the generic esp32 software, setup the wifi, and add it to HA, then enable debug. I see messages like this:

2023-07-17 17:45:50.151 DEBUG (MainThread) [aioesphomeapi.connection] esp32-bluetooth-proxy-a81bd4 @ Got message of type <class 'api_pb2.BluetoothLERawAdvertisementsResponse'>: advertisements {
  address: 96613506110613
  rssi: -79
  address_type: 1
  data: "\002\001\032\002\n\007\014\377L\000\020\007t\037\325\376Nsh"
advertisements {
  address: 233843726557451
  rssi: -82
  data: "\002\001\005\023\tihoment_H7111_210B"
advertisements {
  address: 37373746423562
  rssi: -37
  address_type: 1
  data: "\036\377\006\000\001\t \"7\365T\"0\001<=B;\225NdR\2204\366s\204^\333\245\013"

I assume that means it sees devices, correct?

I am having the same logs showing up but not showing that HA has found any of these devices. Did yours end up working?