ESP Device Offline but card are still active

Hey guy I have a few different ESP devices for temp and humidity sensors and some other door sensors. I noticed in ESPHOME they were offline (all red). I think I had some network problems at the time but when looking in lovelace you couldn’t tell they were down. This isn’t how I want this to perform. I would prefer it NOT to behave like they are reporting - and even better a reactive monitoring of these devices to know they are offline.

Any thoughts or procedures to do so?

I would suspect, this is due to your theme. In the default theme, entities are grey and show the state “unavailable”, when they are not available.

However, you could create device trackers, for example “ping” for your esphome-entities.

Then you put these device trackers in a group, and trigger some automation with a notification to the group, or create a conditional card, or whatever :slightly_smiling_face:

You could add this to each node

If you come to a point that you want to delete and reinstall, make copies of each nodes config yaml file. Once it’s compiled and uploaded to the chip, there is no easy way to recreate the yaml file should you delete it.

I just created a warning automation according to THIS guide. It sends notification when any of devices are down. Works great.

Is there a guide there or just code? Im pretty much a newb so this is all a bit intimidating as I try to figure out 100 other things at the same time :slight_smile:

Well, it’s pretty much similar as all “guides”: you must “figure it out”, as many things are considerd logical…
In short, you insert that code in configuration.yaml (make a new “sensor”), then make your whitelist in “groups.yaml”. Then you make automation with that trigger and your phone.
If you read whole topic and with lot of trial/error you’ll figure it out, i guess.

Just because the device is showing red in the esphome interface, it does not mean it is not working. Sometimes the esphome interface is wrong.

What is th esphome log saying at this point?