ESP device to add contacts to Elk M1 Gold

Background: Hello I have Control4 and Home Assistant running in my house and they work great. I have an Elk M1 Gold as a security system and as a “hack” I have made some devices (such as my fireplace) that only work in Control4 turn on a virtual output on the Elk as both systems can see the change and I can run automations that dont port over easily from one to the other.
Question: I want to add my Zigbee motion sensors and contact sensors that work in Home Assistant to be shown in my Control4 system. My thinking is add an ESP32 device and connect the output pins of the ESP32 into the Elk system inputs. (Aqara kitchen sensor pulls up pin 18 on esp 32 showing as motion in the Elk security system as pin 18 from esp is connected to a contact input on the Elk board). Does anyone know of existing project or code to do this. I have searched and can only find projects that do the opposite, which is take an old wired sensor and an esp32 converts them to Home Assistant contacts. Thanks you for any help or direction pointing.

If I understand correctly, you’d like to use the state of various devices around your home to pull up pins on an esp that then drive contacts available on your security system?

To do that I think you would:

  1. Import the state of your devices from Home Assistant to your ESPHome device using the Home Assistant sensors feature.
  2. Create some template switches which control the state of a gpio.
  3. Link/interlock the two together using some on_press / on_release automations

I’m not sure about checks you’d need to do for electrical compatibility (Voltage, Amps, using relays etc)

Thank you for the guidance. This is exactly what I want to do. Your post also made me realize what is actually want is an esp32 with relays. The security system provides the voltage so I can use them in dry contact mode. If motions sensor detects motion it closes relay 1 which will close the contact on the security system.
I have ordered some esp32 with built in relays so I’ll post if it works once i get them in

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