ESP Home and ESP32 S3 Box?

On the original ESP-BOX the LED is connected to a buck converter directly from USB and can’t be disabled. I gently open the case and snap the LED off the PCB with all of mine. I’ve done it 10 times without issue.

The ESP-BOX-3 has a power LED that while not software controllable is at least connected to the LCD backlight and isn’t as bright so that’s a plus.

oh, so the LED brightness on the S3-Box3 will be adjusted with the LCD brightness?
At least, that’s an improvement :slight_smile:

On the BOX-3 I have here the power LED toggles with the display backlight but it doesn’t seem to adjust brightness with the display backlight.

At least the power LED is significantly less bright regardless.

So, I just bought the ESP32-S3 Box3 for a direct comparison between the older and the newer one…
I will compare basic voice assistant options between both devices…

I don’t think, that the newer device will “suddenly” change the capabilities of running bluetooth-proxy with voice-assistant and so on - but maybe, there will be further support and development, when the Box3 will be supported - as it was mentioned in the Year of the Voice Chapter 4 video… :slight_smile:

I will update my experience here as soon as I got the device.

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In terms of bluetooth proxy the ESP32-S3 chip used in the ESP-BOX series only supports BT LE. I’ve never used the ESPHome bluetooth proxy but I imagine that limitation probably makes it useless (or close to it) in terms of bluetooth proxy.

EDIT: I just learned bluetooth proxy is intended for BT LE? In that case, disregard!

The more you know.

The s3 box is only just and barely working. Do you think BT proxy and Voice Assist is too much for the s3box?

yes, that’s what I think.

  1. BT Proxy does currently not work with other options requried to configure voice assistant
    → I think, there are still issues with the libraries and implementation of some of the code

  2. the device is barely working with voice assistant AND a refreshing display (showing a Background image and a clock)… that’s probably an issue with the resources on the device.

as far as I saw, the S3Box 3 does have at least double the PSRAM size (16 MB compared to 8 MB of the S3 Box)… I don’t know, if this will make a difference, or if it is related to these issues at all…

But also, there are information on the ESPHome Site, that the Bluetooth options need a lot of recources, so I am pretty sure that combining them with voice assist might be too much for the chips.

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Did anyone successfully install esp home voice assistant with wakeword on an esp32-s3-box3?

Using the yaml for regular s3-box I don’t get any response. Suppose the gpio and screen are slightly different? If I press the backlight button the device chokes and spits errors related to the microphone.

Hey @kristiankielhofner, May I ask you, what’s your PIN configuration for the S3-Box-3 ?
It seems, that it does not work with the same settings as for the S3-Box? (GPIO45 => backlight)

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If you want to use it for voice, try Willow.

If you want to use it for display and touch control, there is openhasp. Espressif - openHASP

thanks for the hint with openHASP.

Currently, my S3-Box is working as a “display only” - with ESPHome (yet, without touch) so I don’t think that I need OpenHASP right now - but I will have a look into it :slight_smile:

The only thing is, that the config which is running on the S3-Box does not work with the S3-Box3 - at least, not for the display / backlight…

I’ll try openHASP with the S3-Box3 - let’s see, if this is working.

Working display config for the S3Box-3.

  mosi_pin: 6
  clk_pin: 7
  interface: hardware

  - file: "gfonts://Roboto"
    id: roboto
    size: 20

  - platform: ili9xxx
    model: s3box
    rotation: 180
    auto_clear_enabled: false

    data_rate: 40MHz
    dc_pin: 4
    cs_pin: 5
      inverted: true
      number: 48
    id: main_lcd
    lambda: |-
      auto rand_col = Color::random_color();
      it.filled_rectangle(0, 0, it.get_width()-1, it.get_height()-1, rand_col);
      it.print(it.get_width()/2, it.get_height()/2, id(roboto), TextAlign::CENTER, "Centered");

  - platform: ledc
      number: GPIO47
    id: backlight_output

  - platform: monochromatic
    output: backlight_output
    name: LCD Backlight
    id: led
    restore_mode: ALWAYS_ON
    default_transition_length: 0s

  - source:
      type: git
      ref: ili9xx
    components: [ ili9xxx ]

  mode: octal
  speed: 80MHz

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I have four of the ESP-BOX-S3 and one -lite devices to work.
The screens goes off, randomly and I cannot determine why.

Is there a way to reset the device, without un-plugging the power?

I saw an option to do a factory reset from HA…well, that bricked my device, after clicking on it.
I cannot seem to re-flash it and make it connect back to wifi. It flashed fine through the ready-made page, but it fails to connect to HA. Ii says “HA not found”.

Any idea how yo re-program it and connect it back to HA?

Did you ever figure out how to disable the speaker? Ive tried commenting things out and a few other things and it seems like some low level underlying code fails when the speaker isnt there and forces it to reboot. All i want is to mute the speaker and pipe the audio response to a different HA speaker (which already works).

Remove it from HA if its already there and re-add it. When it prompts for the encryption key paste in the one from the config.