ESP Home Dashboard / No devices

I recently migrated my HA instance to new hardware. My existing ESP devices have been added and show up in the integrations and everything works as before. However, when I open the ESPHome Dashboard, it says “Welcome to ESPHome”, “It looks like you don’t yet have any devices”. How can I get these devices to show up in the ESPHome Dashboard once again?

Copy over your configs from the old instance.

Are there any specific configs related to this? I copied the usual yaml files, but most everything else was a fresh start. I also tried restoring ESPHome from the original HA backup.

the *.yaml files in the /config/esphome/ directory

You need the device specific configs, config>esphome>device_name.yaml, what I did when I migrated was to copy over the configs and re-install them to the devices.

Thanks for the guidance! I simply copied the entire esphome folder from /config, pasted to the new install location, restarted HA, and everything works again. Thanks!

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That is not needed as the devices already have the firmware on them.