ESP home Non-Invasive Power Meter

I was trying to messure my power usage.
My meter have an S0 output. giving 100 pulses / 1000 w usage.
the ESP is programmed with:


  • platform: pulse_counter
    pin: GPIO12
    unit_of_measurement: ‘kW’
    name: ‘Power Meter’
    • multiply: 0.06

But it gives me only the pulses in HA.
what am i missing :slight_smile:

Have you tried multiply: 0.01
As you will want 100 pulses to equal 1KW. Or 100 to equal 1, with the KW unit of measurement.

No I through the “6” had something to do with the 1 hour aka 60min
I think the problem is more or les that that HA just see it as pulses. should summe it up somehow.
here is the guide i was following:

What exactly are you seeing in HA?

What does your esphome log say?

It is not adding up the pulses.

@OttoWinter any help please?

The linked page even contains a link for how to count the pulses at the bottom, rtfm

You are right, I didn’t read to the bottom - I thought that’s what this example was doing. My bad, there is a further step. Sorry to bother you.

Realy sorry, but I can’t see what I am missing doing / wrong.

See Total Daily Energy Sensor for counting up the total daily energy usage with these pulse_counter power meters.

Hi can I ask you which photoresistor you are using?