Esp home weird behavior

Hi all,
I have 2 esp home integrations (2 esp32 which read ds18b20 and control some relays - not sure if is relevant for my issue but this is the setup).
Issue 1:
When I go to HA interface and click on esp home tab, i see both of esp’s offline, but they are working. If I click logs i can connect to them, i see logs and status offline goes away. But when I open the page again after some time i see them again offline. Also even if they appear offline I can control them and also thermostats are working . Any idea what can cause this?

Issue 2:
When I installed esp’s I used an yaml with dhcp ip. If now i want to put a static ip in configuration, when try to upload wireless HA try to connect to ip from yaml and not succeed of course…Is there any way to change yaml s with static ip, other than connect esp s to HA computer and upload using usb ?

Thank you very much

This is a strange glitch maybe in esphome addon but it should be of least concern if the api and esphome integrations are working fine.

With this thing, if you have specified a static address which is different from the current ip address of the device, the upload will fail as the addon will be trying to connect to static address mentioned in the configuration. So either you should change the static address to the current address or if it is different, use the router dhcp to set the wanted ip for the device and then upload. After that you can remove the dhcp reservation.

Good idea for issue 2…thanks a lot
Still concerned about first one …
Thank you