ESP Home / Wemos / Firepanel / Inputs

Hi there,

I have a fire panel with 8 zone and without any digital or analog output for monitoring. It has only 8 LED for alarm monitoring. LEDs are driven by approx 3V

I’m planning to solder some cable to LED pins and connect them to Wemos.

I have tried with ESPHome Binary sensor. But Binary sensor activating only input pins connected to GND. I want the opposite.

I want the binary sensor to change state when I give 3V to the (LED pin to Wemos pin) input pins. What can I do for it?

thanks in advance.

Not sure I completely follow your question, but it sounds like you just need to invert the sensor and use a pulldown resistor.

Pulldown will probably not be required unless the LEDs are tri-state controlled. Also hopefully they are not multiplexed and are just driven directly.

So yeah just adding this to your GPIO bibary sensor shoudl do the trick:

      inverted: true