ESP-IDF MQTT device and area

Hello, i have problem that i don’t know how to add entities to specific device and area. When i’m trying it in discovery mqtt topic it only add me device in HA, but without assigned entities or area. Someone help?

const char *bme_temp = “{"name":"Meteon2_BME680 Temperature", "state_topic": "meteon/value/Meteon2_bme_680_temp", "unit_of_measurement": "°C", "device": {"identifiers": ["Meteon_sta"], "name": "Meteon2", "area": "Izba"}, "device_class": "temperature"}”;
esp_mqtt_client_publish(client, “homeassistant/sensor/Meteon2_bme680_temp/config”, bme_temp, 0, 1, 0);