ESP long press 2 button up/down volume via Mqtt/IR

Hi all

Looking for guidance more than anything. Currently use espeasy for my other mqtt based lights etc.

Currently integrating all my audio equipment. I have one particular Sony STR-DA555es receiver that I control via IR using a Broadlink Mini. This is working fine within HA for power and source etc. This amp controls my volume for another room.

What I want is to make a 2gang push button switch faceplate (similar to my light switches) with an esp behind. So one button volume up to send IR command to the amp and the same for volume down.

Question is, can I somehow do a long press to repeat the IR command (like on a standard remote) it would take forever to turn up and down with repeated button presses?

As the amp is quite old I can’t send set levels via the IR so that’s out the equation, however I can do this with my onkyo.

Hope some one can advise or as done something similar before.


this might help


I think I’ve read that document many months back thinking about it.

Possibly might be easier to bypass as HA and do the code locally in the esp. I don’t really need the status of volume level, but would be nice however that will be way to advanced for me especially keeping the volume level synced with the amp and status if I use the manual volume knob on the amp.

Which now as got me thinking I could swap that for a servo :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::innocent::exploding_head::thinking::thinking::thinking: