ESP-MQTT-JSON-Multisensor and ESPhome add-on

I recently started trying out ESPhome add-on (through the ‘add-on store’ tab).
Thought I’d say here for people who use MQTT sensors a lot that it’s worth checking this out.

I’m finding that replicating stuff like the Bruh multisensor is much easier through ESPhome for a non professional programmer like me, and over the air updates are easy if you want to change something.
Also, the ESPhome replication of the above sensor is very stable in WiFi connection and HA automatically can add them through Integrations…

Lastly, ESPhome is very well supported by the dev.


Oh I’d better link to the source of it…

Yep Otto Winter has done (and continues to do) an amazing job with esphome.

Well, I can hardly see a reason behind your post (apart from joy of using a good tool) but welcome to the club anyway :wink:
I’ve been playing with ESPHome since HA added native support to it and it’s a great and powerful alternative to Tasmota/etc.
However, it’s not obligatory to use the add-on and one can easily live without it.

Yep the point of the post is about awareness (that I wish I had about six months earlier), that’s all.

Or so I thought. Now I learn that you don’t need the ESPhome add-on to use ESPhome devices. Not sure how but maybe you’ll add some extra detail about that (or you perhaps mean the MQTT capability) ?

Yep ESPhome is pretty awesome, moved all my tasmota devices over and has been running flawlessly. Pretty sure Otto will appreciate the positive feedback.

ESPHome is still evolving so it might be about right time now (6 months ago it was MQTT only afaik, not the best option).
On the other hand, you’ll get hundreds of topics with ESPHome tag if you search the forums here, that’s why I was doubtful about posts like yours. Nothing against ESPHome or anything else… :wink:

I use ESPHome in native mode, no mqtt here as I stated in my initial post.
I learnt about that ESPHome improvement from one of HA release blog posts as at some point I had started to read them to learn about breaking changes and issues people have after upgrades.

My approach with ESPHome is simple - I create/upload configs to my devices from command line and then use HA Integration section to connect them. No need to do anything else so far… but I only have 1 active ESPHome node, yet to convert some of my Tasmota flashed Sonoff Basics to to it.

@mr.sneezy well done for drawing more attention to esphome. Not every post has to be a plea for help or a moan.

There is even a cookbook example for the bruh device