ESP-NOW "transparent" bridge


I don’t know if this is the right place to post but le me try…

My idea was to send some mqtt data to remote locations using esp now protocol.
It would be WIFI – ESP NOW – ETHERNET. Is it even possible to use this kind of bridge; especially on the remote site can the data be received usinig espnow and then transferred via ethernet port…

Thank you for any info,


I think you’re confusing esphome with esp-now.

Esphome is a platform for creating sensors/actuators for use with the home assistant platform.

Esp-now is Espressif’s proprietary wireless protocol.

They are completely different things.

It is possible to create the type of bridge you’re looking for but it’s not esphome specific.

What you’re trying to do is the amalgamation of a few things.

  1. WiFi to serial (GitHub - jeelabs/esp-link: esp8266 wifi-serial bridge, outbound TCP, and arduino/AVR/LPC/NXP programmer),
  2. Esp-now serial bridge (GitHub - yuri-rage/ESP-Now-Serial-Bridge),
  3. Serial to ethernet

Not sure if there’s any of the shelf projects out there so you might have to do it yourself.

Hopefully the links above give you a start.

Nobody can give you an answer without knowing your “ethernet connected device”.
What’s your distance between devices?

I know it is not ESP home related…
The ethernet device will be MQTT to DALI converter, distance will not be a problem, maybe 100 - 150m.

I don’t know if you can do that with Esp32 eth01, but wouldn’t it be easier just with ethernet-wifi bridge, or wifi repeater with ethernet port?

“I know it is not ESP home related…”

So why are you posting it in an esphome specific forum?

Also, what are you trying to achieve? If not for the (slightly) improved range esp-now offers over WiFi the only other real benefit for esp-now is for low power devices which sleep most of the time then wake up to send data (as esp-now has lower connection times/overhead) then go back to sleep. If the device is on all the time so that it can listen for packets you are saving very little.

There’s probably a good reason there aren’t any projects out there that do what you’re wanting. Because it is of no benefit.

So, if I understand, your problem is mainly sent something (mqtt) between sender - receiver over a long distance ?