ESP overheat without HA

I have several devices on ESP32. If the router stops responding, then the devices start to heat up terribly in search of the HA server. The same happens if the server is simply turned off.
The heat is so strong that some even burn out!
Help solve the problem)

lower wifi power (command “output_power”) or enable more agressive power save (command “power_save_mode”) ? See ESPHome’s page “WiFi component”

But, do you have correct power supply? Depending on board it should be either 5V or 3.3V, not higher (except when specifically stated). ESP chip should definitely NOT get more than 3.3V.

If you have 5V power supply for board then powering it with higher than 5V will cause on-board voltage regulator to get (too) hot, especially when ESP is searching for wifi, when consuption rises.

Power goes through LDO AMS 1117-3.3.
In normal mode, no problem! And as soon as the router stops working, overheating begins. Already tried to reduce the power and do the power saving mode. Causes devices to stop working properly