ESP Update - DHT22 showing minus readings

I have just updated my ESP 32 boards (HASS) and two of my DHT22’s have now dropped to minus numbers (Only 2 out of four)

Have anybody experienced this or know the fix?


Re-installed the existing config and this seems to have resolved the issue.

Also make sure you have specified it is a DHT22 using model: or it may happen again - this is a known issue.

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Is this in the sensor yaml file?

Currently I have;

  - platform: dht
    pin: GPIO27
      name: "Garage Temperature"
      name: "Garage Humidity"
    update_interval: 60s```

As per: DHT Temperature+Humidity Sensor — ESPHome

  • model (Optional, int): Manually specify the DHT model, can be one of AUTO_DETECT, DHT11, DHT22, DHT22_TYPE2, AM2302, RHT03, SI7021 and helps with some connection issues. Defaults to AUTO_DETECT. Auto detection doesn’t work for the SI7021 chip.

Ah brilliant thank you.

I had used the template above but not really looked at the optional one as much so thanks for pointing that out!