ESP32 a1s Audio kit for voice assistant

Everything but the microphone.

Hi, I got the ESP32-A1S audio kit microphone working, but it is not straightforward … this is still under development in the es8388 driver support:
Please report your boards configurations to check how many of you have capacitors placed in the wrong positions !

I just received your exact same board (ESP32 Audio Kit V2.2 A247) and the capacitors are in the lowest position and the second from last positions are empty. So I will move them tomorrow night and test out the code. Thanks for the work.

Same here. I got one move okay but then tweezers flicked the other across the room. Looks like they were 140nF 0402 package.

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my dog ate my electronics?

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I’ll need to take your advice and buy the spare upfront

I put the @Night.Dav3 patches from the PR3552 discussion in a repository if anyone wants to test them out. Change the external_components section from above yaml as shown below.

  - source: github://mulcmu/esphome-es8388-a1s@nightdav-patch
    components: [es8388]
    refresh: 0s

  #### Not needed if on 2023.5.0 or later
  # - source: github://pr#4775
  #   components: [adc, i2s_audio, microphone]
  #   refresh: 0s
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Moving the caps looks easy enough do you need to also update the register too or is that in the new patch ?

The external component I posted above now has the setup changes recommended by @Night.Dav3 up through this post. So the register changes to get mics working and now enable automatic gain correction for improved voice detection.

It compiles fine for me but I haven’t tested as I messed up while moving one of the capacitors.

You have to modify the caps and use the new code to have it working.

@mulcmu : voice assistant uses the right mic in mono mode, so if you do the mod on the right mic only it might work…

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I can’t find anywhere what the size of the JST connectors are for connecting the speakers.
Can anyone provide information?
Thank you

Jst-xh 2.54mm

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Thanks for your hard work and assi6 have it working now after moving the caps and using the new code

I have the same v2.2 A247 board.
I will move the capacitors to the correct positions.
I would just like to know what is the distance from the microphone so that the assist recognizes the voice command correctly?

I had the beard at arms length on the desk and it could still function

if got everything working but i wanted to connect a screen to the i2c buss what io pins are these where on the board has to be scl sda ?

Nevermind if got it working but the voice recognition or mic is not really god. Is there a possibility to add a external i2s mic ?

The esp32 v 2.2 A149 board also had misplaced capacitors. After the fix, voice control works.
I must be doing something wrong. Pressing KEY6 and saying the command to turn the light on and off works, but no voice from the player.
Player esp32-A1s tested via NabuCasa (play voice) and it works.
What else do I need to set in HA for the esp32-A1s player to work (voice response).

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I would like to use an external Mic with mine as well. Did you ever get this working?

Has anyone managed to get the wake word assist to work on this board?