ESP32 and Garage Doors

Hello. I’m looking for help on an esp32_relay x2 (303e32dc210) board. This project is to open and close two garage doors independently of each other and to signal the state of each garage door; if it’s in the open or closed position via some magnets and onboard sensors. I think I’ve managed to find out that GPIO 16 & GPIO 17 control the two relays. All of this will be controlled via Home Assistant. I’ve compiled and uploaded some yaml that allows me to control the 1st relay via GPIO16 and it appears as an integration in Home Assistant. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
1.) Which is the sensor GPIO’s for this board. I believe I need four of them; two for each garage door.
2.) Are GPIO 16 & 17 the correct ones for the relays?
3.) When I trigger the relay for Garage Door 1, I don’t get any continuity on my multi-meter nor do I get a clicking sound, so maybe GPIO16 &17 aren’t the correct ones for the relay.
4.) I’d like to add a temp / humidity sensor to the board as well, but I haven’t investigated the make / model or GPIO for this.


yaml code

  - platform: template
    name: "Garage Door 1"
    id: garage_door_1
    optimistic: true

  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO16
    name: "Door relay"
    id: door_relay
    internal: true
      - delay: 250ms
      - switch.turn_off: door_relay

  - platform: template
    name: "Garage Door 1 Is Closed"
    id: is_closed
    device_class: problem

  - platform: template
    name: "Garage Door 1 Is Open"
    id: is_open

GPIO 16 and GPIO 17 seems to be correct for the relays:

There’s no fixed GPIOs for sensors, however some pins are strapping pins and should be avoided (usually).

You can see recommended pins on an ESP32 here:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into it further.

I’ve got a few of these boards and can confirm pins 16 and 17 for the relays, and pin 23 for the led.

I like the layout and all-in-one aspect of this board, but if you’re able to get ESPhome and the wifi to connect and stay connected, please let me know your secret. I’ve fought it for more hours than I care to admit, with the boards being only 8-10 feet from various APs.

Out of frustration, I flashed Tasmota to one of the boards and the wifi is rock-solid even in a not-so-great coverage spot.

Interested to hear your experience.

On the off chance you have compatible gear, this is a nicely mature product widely used, open source, and cheap if you want his hardware.

Of course it might not be compatible, but just in case… (I am a user of it, no other connection).