ESP32/Arduino shield noob - will this work?

I’m completely new to ESP32 but not to HA. I bought some Mi Flora sensors that use BTLE, but despite my server being able to see the BTLE devices in bluetoothctl, I get errors like:

[homeassistant.components.miflora.sensor] Polling error BluetoothBackendException:

Searching around it looks like BTLE is a bit borked in HA, and one alternative is just use ESPhome to get the sensor data over to HA via MQTT.

I have an Udoo Ultra x86 that is compatible with Arduino shields. Is there an Arduino shield with ESP32 on it that would be compatible with the Ultra that I could flash with ESPhome and go from there?

Why not buy an esp32 and use it with esphome? Stop over-complicating it with arduino.