ESP32 based 4-in-1 multisensor with IR remote and BLE capability

In the last month I built a multisensor capable of measuring temperature, humidity, light and CO2 level, using an ESP32 card so I can then also receive data from different MiFlora sensors via BLE.

Currently the installation is in a prototyping box. Not satisfied with the size of the box and the mess in the wiring I decided to develop a PCB and include the sensors directly on the board in order to reduce the size as much as possible.
I also added an IR transmitter and receiver so that I could control other devices such as a television or a stereo system.

The board has a quite small size of 35x40mm and has the following components and functions:

  • ESP32 WROOM 32D module as main controller providing WIFI and BLE capabilities
  • HTU21D for temperature and humidity, with a Typical humidity accuracy of ±2% and ±0.3C for temperature
  • BH1750 for light level, with a range of 1 to 65535 lux
  • MH-Z19 for CO2 level, with a range of 0 to 5000 ppm
  • An IR transmitter and receiver to control IR devices
  • An USB to serial IC to provide an easy way to program the ESP32 via USB cable

I’m currently waiting to receive the first batch of the boards so that I can test them. Once tested I will share schematics and gerber, and if there is interest, I could have a number of boards produced and sell them already assembled.

I also planned to develop an enclosure for the board to be 3d printed to protect and be able to mount the sensor somewhere.

Updates to follow, in the meantime let me know if you have questions/advice.

Update: Since many are interested I will consider the option of opening a store on Tindie. Since I’m still studying and free time is quite limited, I still have to evaluate how to do it, I’ll let you know.

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What software are you using? esphome?

^ interested in knowing if this would be compatible with esphome as well. Are you looking to sell these I assume?

@nickrout Yes, the board is compatible with Esphome.
I’m using Esphome right now on my messy prototype at home and I’m really happy with how simple and reliable this setup is, I don’t think I can go back to arduino and mqtt now.
I will for sure share a default Esphome configuration when I’m done testing everything.

@jon102034050 I’m not really here for a profit. Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot from this community and I think now it’s my turn to come back with something.
My idea is to share schematics and instructions for making this multisensor once everything has been tested. My proposal to sell these boards is because the board is really small, only 35x40mm (1.378x1.575" in freedom units) and uses almost only SMD components, making the build for a less experienced user very difficult.
In case there is some interest, I could then produce a couple of these boards and sell them at cost price for those who want more of a plug-and-play experience.


Sweet, keep us updated!

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That’s awesome I’ll be looking forward to these.

Looking forward to the updates.

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i’m also interested in this project

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Keen to be one of your customers :grin:

Same. Looks good.

Very interested, thanks for sharing.
Wow, the co2 sensor is pricy, roughly what is the cost of the main parts (forget the passive SMT parts)?

Very interesting. Keep us in the loop!

Interested when you get pricing together.

Looking forward to hear how the first batch of boards turn out

Oh Boy! Beautiful. Please keep us posted and thanks for sharing all your knowledge related to this and for your efforts. Looking forward to hear more about this and what the price will be.

I’m definitely interested in buying a couple if you do a production run. I"ll be following the thread for updates, cheers!

How about adding device tracking to the mix.

Device tracking is a big topic. However you can do bluetooth tracking with an esp32, no need to extra hardware.

I’m stoked for some of these if you get them plug and play!! My soldering skills aren’t… up to snuff… for stuff like this but I love what you’re doing!

sign me up! would be keen on this if it is viable