Esp32 ble scan improvements?

Hi everyone. How do I use scan_parameters with esp32_ble_tracker? I want to increase the frequency of the scans and how long it scans for. Having an issue with one of my BLE thermometers not getting recognized despite showing up in the scan. Interestingly that passive ble integration from the other side of house (with more walls etc in between) picks it up more often than esp32

I have seen this but it has no examples for it and I need to know where to use it and syntax

I am not sure how much more help anyone could give you, I’ll try.

But it might have helped if you said you had read the docs. It wasn’t apparent from your initial question.


    interval: 160ms #the default is 320ms and you want to shorten it, try half
    window: 60ms #the default is 30ms so try doubling it

Much appreciated! Now that I know which section it was meant to be applied to, it makes sense =)
I tried it before but in a different place in a code, but was giving me a warning, so wanted to confirm