Esp32 boards became unavailable

Hi, my two esp32 boards are flashed with esphome and using them as BLE. However, these two boards sometimes became unavailable. I tried to change few power supply and they are still the same and currently I’m using those USB power adapter that is used for handphone charging.

I checked the esphome logs, the wifi strength is ~-62dB. So, could this be the reason of the intermittent disconnection?

Check the wifi in history, and see if there is a correlation on the times it got unavailable?

I haven’t caught mine being unavailable (yet), and -62db ain’t bad…

Good point. But may i know how to create the wifi sensor and expose to HA?

I assumed you had that already, but i guess you got that from the logs?

Anyway, just add following to esp config:

# Sensors with general information.
  # WiFi Signal sensor.
  - platform: wifi_signal
    name: Doorbell WiFi Signal
    update_interval: 60s