ESP32 breakout board with pins that output the input voltage?

Hi everybody,

I have been using ESP8266 (as nodemcu v2) for quite some time now. But due to ESPHome’s bluetooth_proxy, I will use ESP32 whenever there are new projects from now on.

Are you aware of a suitable breakout board for ESP32s (I use the ESP32-WROOM-32 V2) that has dedicated pins to output the same voltage that has been fed to it?

Some projects require 12V. The nodemcu v2 breakout boards I used have a DC jack allowing to input 6 - 24V. It will then step down to the required 5V for the board. But there are pins that will output this voltage without stepping it down (marked in this photo below)

I need a board like this, but for ESP32 instead of nodemcu v2. While there were countless breakout boards offered, I couldn’t find a single one that would provide pins like this. Are you aware of one and have a product link?

I already tried to built a custom pcb for powering the ESP32 with a LM2596 step down converter… but I’d really prefer a professionally made board.

Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile: