ESP32-CAM + camera.play_stream


Just wanted to find out if there’s a way to use ESPHome on the ESP32-Cam with camera.play_stream to cast to Chromecast?

I did find the snapshot example and there’s a Arduino IDE examples here and here but I’d ideally like to add a button to the ESP32 to trigger the cast, and not too confident in my IDE skills…

Anyone have something similar or a workaround to do this?


Did you find a solution/answer? Would you please share? Thank you!

No, I ended up using a IP camera for the video stream, and a old doorbell button with the Sonoff RF bridge to trigger the whole thing.

That’s what I did too for my front door. I have several of the esp32 cams that I would like to use with the Echo Show, TV, etc. too. Thanks for the reply