ESP32 cam has no wifi after migrate to other network

Hi there,

Question, I have several ESP32 cam’s. But I had to change my SSID + password in the router. Of course the cam’s aren’t connecting to the new network credentials when I only change SSID + password in the yaml file.
I’ve searched a lot on the forum but can’t find it. What do I have to do to connect the cam’s the wright way?

Do I need this:

  - ssid: 'old-ssid'
    password: 'old-password'
  - ssid: 'new-ssid'
    password: 'new-password'

Or should I approach it completely differently?

Love to hear from you, been messing around for a few days


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Have you changed only SSID/pass in your router ? nothing else regarding Wifi settings or IP settings ?

Thanks for your quick response. No I have changed only SSID and password

I have the same problem, I switched to a Tenda mesh network by disabling my router’s wifi.

did you have any solution yet?

Use esptool to erase the flash then reflash esphome, over the wire obviously.

hi nickrout, is there no other way?
Then I have to reconnect all my devices again.

If you still have access to your old AP you can change it OTA.

I can change back to old settings. but with what settings am I going to tell the devices that they have new network settings

do you have any ideas?

I did this, it didn’t work either