ESP32-cam, I do not find a way to rotate the picture?

Dear all,

I have setup an ESP32-cam anit works nicely. Still, since the board is rotated 90° in its case, the picture is also rotated. I only find the options to mirror the picture, which is nice, but I cannot find rotate.
It sounds like a case of I’m the problem, but perhaps somebody could put me in the right direction?

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Much desired but apparently not possible in esphome

It may be possible using ffmpeg in ha?


Thanks for the info. I can always install Motioneye OS in HA, but it bloats for just rotating a stream. I had a quick look at ffmpeg. Itight do the job but I’ll have to dig a bit into it.

I used card-mod and some CSS tricks.

Then on the image card I added the following code for rotating -90deg, obviously you could also make it 90deg or 180deg (when making 180deg, skip the margin-bottom):

    hui-image$: |
      img {
        transform: rotate(-90deg);
        margin-bottom: 57px;

thanks for this, card mod works. Unfortunately only rotates the card so when the camera is clicked on the pop-out window is still rotated wrong. Still happy the card is fixed though. Any work arounds for rotating the pop-out view of the entity?

card-mod works indeed, but still looking for a solution for the pop-up window

+1. Just followed these to get the dashboard image look ok but the popup w/ video is still rotated which is very sad.