Esp32 cam module control

My goal is to get images using Esp32-cam module. I can already do this. Sometimes, for security reasons, I may need to record at certain times. to start this recording moment with a virtual switch and stop it again and record on the memory card on the module.
Can you help me, please.
thank you in advance

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I’m not aware that esphome actually supports saving to a memory card :thinking:

It has its own memory card integrated on the esp32-cam module. My goal is to save a record when I want to the card in the integrated there.images

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I’m very much aware that a micro sd card slot is present but I still don’t think that esphome supports the use of it.

Guess you need to look for another solution for that use case and bite the sour apple that you will not be able to take all of the advantages esphome offers in conjunction with home assistant :man_shrugging:

For a start you might look here: 60+ ESP32-CAM Projects, Tutorials and Guides with Arduino IDE | Random Nerd Tutorials

If you rather prefer to stick to esphome you should be able to record ether in HA (not really certain if that works) or via a add-on like motioneye for example. It might be anyways “smarter” to only record movements :running_man: