Esp32 cam shoots every 5 seconds

Hi guys, who is controlling this behavior? HA, the firmware, some option, or?
Board flashed with esphome and connected to HA via api;
reading the documentation I cannot understand, I saw in the esp log that the photo is taken even before configuring the integration in Discovery devices.

My use case is to call the shot from a node red controlled dashboard so I don’t need esp32 to take a snap every x time.
Do you have any suggestions? Maybe the “internal” option?

I would expect it to provide a frame more often than every 5 s. Can you provide your yaml and log?

My stream works well, regular frame rate when I call it. I would like only know why when the camera is in idle status, a picture Is taken every five seconds and how ti manage this behaviour.

OK well that would be set by

  • idle_framerate (Optional, float): The framerate to capture images at when no client is requesting a full stream. Defaults to 0.1 fps.

Thanks, I try to set it to 0