ESP32-CAM w/AI-on-the-edge - how to reduce temp? Deep Sleep/Sleep Mode?

I am using the AI-on-the-edge for an ESP32-CAM that is measuring gas meter usage evey 5 minutes and reporting to HA via MQTT into the energy dashboard.

Typically it is running 170-180 degrees F. As taking the photo, processing and sending the data only takes about 45 seconds, is there some way to put the ESP32-CAM into a sleep mode in between? Actually taking the photo less often would not help because even if I tell it to take the photos/measurements only once every 10 minutes, the temperature still stays around 175F…?

Actually to just my hand on it and it is cool as a cucumber. Evidentrly per this post it turns out the ESP32-CAM boards temperature sensors are not reliable or even fully supported.

The ESP camera devices from Freenove do not get hot and support properly the internal temperature sensor.

The camera, however, may need a heatsink.